Blustery Day in Faux Fox Fur Coat and Vintage Savannah Cocktail Ring

It doesn’t get super cold in Savannah very often, so when it does I make sure to have as much fun as possible. This vintage faux fox fur coat is an absolute favorite.

Benna Lauren Michaels in faux fur coat in Savannah GA | Genteel & Bard

You might be thinking - I could never do a fur coat (faux or otherwise) - but you can! Anyone can! Statement pieces like these are fun - and that’s the key. Having fun.

But you also need to feel confident.

So here’s the secret.

When it comes to statement pieces, like this faux fur coat and vintage cocktail ring, it’s best to keep the rest of the outfit tailored and simple.

A good outfit is a balanced outfit - so the bigger the statement your accessories make, the more understated the core of your outfit should be.

Here, I opted for medium wash Banana Republic jeans, a black silk cashmere sweater - also by Banana Republic - and simple black leather pumps.

. . . . . . . . .

There’s something so romantic about vintage jewelry. I love browsing colorful pieces in antique shops, imagining the women who wore them - what their stories were. (Here’s a list of some of my very favorite Savannah antique stores.)

My father actually found this particular vintage ring while browsing with me at The Jewelry Consignment Network on Historic Savannah’s Bull Street. (The shop actually sits just a few steps from Collins Quarter Cafe’s walk-up coffee bar window, so I always make it a habit to grab a turmeric latte or lavender mocha before starting my browsing adventure.)

As soon as my dad pointed the ring out to me - I knew I had to have it.

It’s so fun to own a piece that I know is wonderfully unique!

Brenna Lauren Michaels in faux fox fur coat and vintage cocktail ring
vintage cocktail ring on Brenna Lauren Michaels in Savannah GA | Genteel & Bard
Brenna Lauren Michaels in faux fox fur coat sitting on steps in Savannah GA

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