Antiquing in Savannah

Savannah is wonderfully strange. 
A kaleidoscope of the glistening and the grotesque - the living - and the dead - still whispering - through cracks in the wearing of time - through chipped paint and rotting rafters, and a flurry of old, dusty things all crammed together beneath gabled roofs at the edge of the ocean. 
And you’ll fall in love with this place. It will haunt you once you come here, in the most delectable way. . .

Brenna and T.C. Michaels having brunch at Collins Quarter Cafe in Savannah, GA

I've got a thing for antique stores. Maybe it's being a novelist - my storyteller brain comes to life in a room full of old treasures. Where did the pieces come from? Were they loved once, and how did they find their way here? The people whose hands crafted the pieces, bought them, used them day in and day out. Was it a grand life? A quiet one? And how different are those two lives, really? On and on it goes, row after row, room after room.

Stories are the heart of culture. We literally can't survive without them.

And these old shops and warehouses packed full of history - what amazing catalogues of life.

There’s something really amazing about antiquing in Savannah. You don’t even have to buy anything . . . just wandering the lanes of miscellany, it’s like a visit to a very disorganized museum.

But if you are planning to buy something, from the smallest iron door stopper, to the nearly priceless one-of-a-kind centuries-old find - Savannah’s a mighty fine place to explore.

For your consideration,

My Favorite Savannah Antique Stores:

Jere’s Antiques

To step into this unassuming brick warehouse situated just above Riverstreet’s Factors Walk is such an unexpected treat! Room upon room upon room of antique furniture - tables, and chairs, and settees, and armoires, pieces by the hundreds are tucked together, just waiting to be discovered.

Alex Raskin Antiques

What do you get when you combine an unrestored antebellum mansion, international one-of-a-kind collector’s-grade antiques, and a dash of Miss Havisham-style southern gothic romance? Alex Raskin antiques, that’s what. This is by far one of my favorite places in Savannah. T.C. and I always bring first-time guests here. It’s a bit of a secret Savannah classic that can’t be missed.

Arthur Smith Antiques

This high-end antique store is a little more traditional than the others on the list so far. With that said, the shop sits at the corner of Bull Street (402 Bull St to be exact), and the famous residential Jones Street, making it the perfect pit-stop on your way to and from Forsyth Park. The goods in here are always stunning and display-ready for your home. Don’t miss this one.

Attic Antiques

This cozy antique shop (very nearby to Jere’s) is one of my very favorites! They specialize in vintage costume jewelry - a particular love of mine. Just check it out - you won’t be sorry.

Two Women and a Warehouse

Comprised of individually hosted displays, winding in alley up on alley of things to look at - the wares at this shop range from estate-sale finds, to repurposed furniture, to decor. I always find the most gorgeous antique gilded frames here. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a low-key, casual, fun time exploring this shabby-chic shop.

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T.C. & Brenna Michaels, Genteel & Bard, Savannah GA

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