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There's a secret the Savannah locals know. The very best parts of this old city, the sights that awe you and make a home in your heart, you can only get to them on foot. That is to say, the poetry here, that you came to hear and see and remember - you've got to go slow - or you'll miss it. These old brick lanes and cobbled streets were made for ambling, for pauses, and sighs of surprise, and quiet moments of delight. The stories that live here, the ones our southern ladies and gentlemen know by heart - these stories are made for walkin', and talkin', and genteel low country paces. We're proud to be Savannah's premiere family-owned walking tour company. We're glad you're here, friend. Let's walk a while.     

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  • On Genteel & Bard's Savannah Walking Tour, experience Savannah's historic stories and see locations that shaped our country. You'll visit some of Savannah's most historic and beautiful squares, famous Jones Street, the Mercer Williams House, Colonial Park Cemetery, and more. Also, you'll enjoy photographs, music, and professionally recorded first account letters written by Savannah notables, such as James Oglethorpe, Juliette Gordon Low, and more. This tour brings the museum experience outdoors - an unforgettable live and guided story-telling production you can't afford to miss. Please Note: This is not a pre-recorded tour. T.C. personally escorts you through Savannah.

  • Our tours are lovingly crafted, hosted by respected Savannah Ambassador & Historical Storyteller, T.C. Michaels. - T.C. will share more than just the facts - he'll share with you stories of Savannah's people. Stories of those who created timelines that effect how each of us live our lives today, throughout the U.S., and even the world. T.C.'s passion for Savannah is apparent with every word. This is more than a tour. This is a walk with a friend. With Genteel & Bard, you'll take away a personal experience of Savannah and it's Southern hospitality that you'll never forget.

  • Genteel & Bard's tours are like a walking, guided, documentary through Savannah's Historic District. Our complimentary earbuds allow our guests to easily hear T.C. (He is mic'd), and enjoy their personal space without feeling closed-in or crammed into a large group . We are the only walking tour company in Savannah that provides this service. Time and time again, our guests share their enjoyment for our technology, citing the ease of taking photos as our receivers work up to 100 feet. Our audio-enhancement cuts through city noise, allows parents to take care of children's needs in private, and assists both foreign guests and the hearing impaired.

This is the only walking tour of it's kind in Savannah. Welcome, ya'll. We're so glad you're here.


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 Ghost Playing the Piano in an old Abandoned House | Genteel & Bard's Fine Savannah Ghost Encounter Tour | Book Now


Ask the locals about their personal Savannah Ghost stories (you're tour guide included), and they'll be more than eager to share. There's no escaping the ghosts, and nearly everywhere you walk in Savannah is quite literally a step on someone's final resting place.

Join us and come face to face with Savannah's paranormal activity. Hear the Darkest Stories, See First Account Videos, Capture Photographic Evidence, & More. BOOK NOW and discover why this haunted ghost encounter is different than any other. We're Savannah's only audio-enhanced walking tour - ensuring you can actually hear your live guide up to 100 feet distance.

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