T.C. & Brenna's Favorite Romantic Savannah Restaurants

In case you hadn’t noticed, T.C. and I are pretty much obsessed with each other. Just like everyone else, of course, we’ve had our share of challenged to navigate, but that guy and I are in LOVE. Desperately. Totally. In love.

Brenna and T.C. Michaels having brunch at Collins Quarter Cafe in Savannah, GA

Good thing for us, Savannah has no shortage of romantic date spots. We’re out and about a lot - we go on dates, just he and I, at least three times a week. We’re always open for trying something new - but there are a handful of places that have us coming back again and again.

For the Romantic, Cozy Breakfast:

Little Duck Diner

If Joanna Gaines and a Parisian-style diner somehow collided aesthetically in the universe - you would get Little Duck Diner.

Fusing fresh, savory, flavors with southern flare - this place has the best of your favorite brunch menus in one elegant setting.

We suggest ordering The Maxwell - a breakfast sandwich comprised of eggs, caramelized onions, and cheese. Or try one of the breakfast bowls. And don’t you dare leave without trying the grits. The BEST grits in town. Seriously.

Cuddling up for an Elegant Brunch

The Emporium

Located in The Perry Lane Hotel, The Emporium is all you ever wanted for an elegant brunch experience. Subtle luxury, cozy modern aesthetic, and impeccable service make this stop an absolute must for Savannah locals and visitors alike.

You can’t go wrong here with an order of their famous muscles. Yes, even for brunch. We also suggest any one of the omelets on their menu.

The Perfect Cozy Lunch Date

Bella Napoli

If your looking for an authentic Italian experience, search no farther than this charming, family-owned bastion of goodness. It’s small, tucked just off of Wright Square. Bustling, yet quiet, energetic, yet relaxing. Bella Napoli is the ultimate comfort food stop in downtown Savannah.

Here’s all you need to know: La Putanesca del Consigliere, penne pasta with black olives, capers, roasted garlic, onions and basil in a scrumptious tomato sauce. You can thank us later.

The Perfect Elegant Lunch Date

The Rhett

Sophisticated hints of nautical flare, polished brass, smooth leather, attention to detail, artisanal cuisine - all just a part of the dining experience at one of Savannah’s premier restaurants located inside The Alida Hotel on River Street.

We recommend the crab cake sandwich with shaved avocado, pickled green tomatoes with remoulade/romesco. Make sure you leave room for some fried cauliflower served with lemon and capers. You won’t be sorry.

Afternoon Tea


Located inside the breathtaking Scottish Wright masons temple, Gryphon Tea Room is situated in a portion that once served as an old-world apothecary. Wooden pharmacy shelves, stained glass light fixtures, and elegant wood paneling make this tea room experience one like nowhere else.

While they do offer a full menu, we suggest indulging in the full afternoon tea service, served with tea sandwiches, pastries, and petit fours. This is a true southern tea.

Cozy Dinner

17Hundred90 Inn

Architecture harkening back to 1823, the atmosphere at this historic inn and restaurant is like stepping back in time - but in the most elegant, not to mention, cozy possible way. Old stone, aged wood, fireplaces, live music, mood lighting. This place makes for the perfect cozy date night.

Start with Miss Annett’s crab stew with blue crab scallions and sherry. We suggest The Neptune for you main dish, comprised of wild Georgia shrimp, sea scallops, and crab cakes, finished with hollandaise and paired with risotto and seasonal veggies. It’s cozy regional food at it’s finest.

Elegant Dinner


Located inside the historic, recently restored 12 Oglethorpe Avenue mansion, Husk is a jewel in Savannah’s culinary crown.

The seasonal menu at Husk is ever-changing. Even day to day, the menu can be very different. But that’s part of the appeal of this artisanal dining experience. Founded by famous chef, Sean Brock, the crew at Husk is in the business of literally resurrecting herbs and ingredients that haven’t been used in decades, if not centuries. It’s a very cool - can’t miss dining experience.

Oh, and if they happen to have the Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake for dessert while you’re there - you have to. Just trust us.

Special Occasion Dinner

The Olde Pink House

Originally built in 1771, this mansion was built for James Habersham Junior who fought for the colonies in the Revolutionary War. Perhaps reason enough to visit. The restored house is an exquisite foray into Savannah’s absolute finest dining experience. Make sure you ask your server about the history of the house and the room you end up dining in. The house is filled to the brim with stories of the harrowing, and the haunted.

Fun fact. They tried to cover the original red brick of the house with white plaster. The red of the brick kept bleeding through - creating The Olde Pink House.

As for the food - try the flounder. Just. Try. The. Flounder.

Make sure you sample an appetizer of the she-crab soup, and leave room for one of their many decadent desserts. You can’t go wrong.



This is by far the most sophisticated cocktail bar in Savannah.

The Lady Hummingbird, Forsyth Park at Dark, Tybee Bomb, Artillery Punch, and Smoke and Mirrors, are just a few of the most popular drinks off of their incredibly extensive menu of drinks.

You must silence your phone. Wear proper attire, no hats, no sandals, etc. You won’t find a Budweiser or any Vegas bombs here - but you will experience a taste of the Savannah high life.

The Peregrine | Rooftop of Perry Lane Hotel

Situated atop Savannah’s premier luxury hotel, The Peregrine offers sweeping views of Savannah’s cityscape, an atmosphere right out of The Great Gatsby, and a gorgeous selection of cocktails and wine lists. This is fast becoming Savannah’s place to see and be seen.

Delightful Desserts

Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

The signature Strawberry Suspension Cake, Taste it. Love it. Go back for more.

If strawberries aren’t your thing, try the chocolate espresso creme brûlée.

Better Than Sex | A Dessert Restaurant

This fresh-to-the-scene, boldly-named dessert restaurant is making waves in Savannah, and for good reason. A visit here is a treat for the tastebuds, and for the sense of humor - with dessert names like Between My Red Velvet Sheets Cheesecake, The Cookie Nookie Pie, Blueberry Birthday Suit, and Italian Stallion - you’re bound to have a good time.

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