Black and White, Effortlessly Chic for Any Occasion

Brenna Lauren Michaels in Black and White Skirt on marble staircase in Savannah, Georgia

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, y’all. When it comes to a killer wardrobe simplicity and classic lines are key. Pair that principle with a black and white pallet, and you’ve got yourself a timeless outfit.

This pleated tea-length skirt by H&M is one of my absolute favorites at the moment, and I’m carrying this summer-ready staple as far into autumn as I can.

The fun thing about skirts to me is how they pair so well with different types of tops - pretty, flowing blouses, soft t-shirts, tailored button-ups, cozy sweaters - there are just so many directions to take a skirt like this one!

In this case, I obviously opted for a sheer black button-up that mirrors the texture of the skirt itself, which allows for a classy, comfortable look that you can easily elevate with accessories.

These black Vince Camuto heels are absolutely the most comfortable pair I’ve ever known - I’m so obsessed!


The next time you’re in Savannah, by the way, pay close attention to the iron work! It’s everywhere - from staircases and front porch balconies, to entrance gates, and even window awnings.

Like Charleston, Savannah has a long appreciation for the art of ironwork.

And it’s really reflected and preserved so beautifully across town.

Close-up of Brenna Lauren Michaels in black and white skirt with sunglasses in Savannah, Georgia
Brenna Lauren Michaels standing on marble stairs in Savannah, Georgia
Close-up of Brenna Lauren style with Savannah sign in background in Savannah, Georgia
Brenna Lauren in black heels and Black and white skirt
Brenna Lauren Michaels sitting on stairs in Savannah, Georgia

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