People think they know the south. But there’s magic here - a cosmopolitan sort of flair - thick as the marsh-ripe air, salty, and gritty, and haunted, and true.

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We’re the husband and wife team behind Genteel & Bard.

If this world is a garden - we’re planting kindness.

Our manifesto? The world is full of beauty - why not choose a beautiful life?

T.C. & Brenna Michaels, Genteel & Bard, Savannah GA

Letter from the Editor

The Home Love Built

We got married beside the back river, beneath moss-draped oaks . . .

. . . the sound of southern water lapping the grassy shoreline.

It was a super moon that night, and so by the time the reception found mason jars filled with champagne passed from hand to hand, the briny river water had crept halfway up the dock and tiny alligators were joining the party. Vintage music and warm string lights were the order of the occasion, and my gown, decked in tiny pearls and crystals shined and twirled, and flower petals and Spanish moss kept clinging to the lacy train.

We couldn't have known that night the journey that laid ahead for T.C. and I.

We've weathered storms we felt unprepared for, and we've been blessed in ways beyond our wildest dreams. God has always been good.

Both of us professional storytellers at heart, when our traditional careers took unexpected turns, it was Story that we built our new home upon. To work so closely, day after day together, collaborating and dreaming - we still can't believe it's true. And most of all we're thankful, and forever indebted to our exquisite city of Savannah for serving as the backdrop to this wild fairytale of ours.

We love this place - this place that God used to bring us home - to raise our sweet Saturday son, Rhett Jagger.

Genteel & Bard is quite literally the product of sweat, and tears - hope, and gumption, and southern grace. This is more than a family business - this is a lifestyle. This is the home our love built. Thank you, God. Thank you, Savannah - we love you so much.

Brenna Lauren Michaels