Savannah's Haunted Hotels

Some people want to stay far away from Savannah’s ghosts and spirits, and others want to get right in the middle of serious paranormal activity! For those of you who are brave enough to sleep with spirits, these haunted hotels and inns are for you.


The Marshall House

This Broughton Street hotel is equally as gorgeous as it is haunted. During the Civil War, the Marshall House existed as a hospital for Union soldiers, and later used as a hospital for two yellow fever epidemics. Built in 1851, this historic building has seen its share of suffering and deaths, and rumor has it that those tortured spirits roam the halls today. Guests have claimed to have seen ghosts in the hallways and foyers, especially ghosts of children running down the long, narrow halls at night.



The Kehoe House

Before the elegant Kehoe House opened its doors as a bed & breakfast, it was a funeral home. That’s right – when you’re relaxing inside your perfect room, you’re relaxing in the same spot that was used to prepare the dead for their funerals. Talk about spooky! One of the most talked about legends regarding the Kehoe House’s spirits is the ghosts of the Kehoe twins. The Kehoe Family consisted if 10 children, and rumor has it that two of them died inside the house. Although this story is unsubstantiated, many guests have tales about spotting these children inside!

The Haunted Kehoe House, Savannah Georgia


17Hundred90 Inn

Of the many spirits that lurk the halls of 17Hundred90 Inn, a ghost named Anna is the most well-known. Legend has it that Anna was an 1800’s bride of an arranged marriage who fell in love with a sailor. She’s said to be a friendly spirit, but loves to make her presence known. Guests of the inn have reported jewelry and clothing being mysteriously moved, and some have even experienced being nudged while in bed. On the flip side, a not-so-friendly ghost roams the kitchen area of the inn’s restaurant. This obnoxious spirit is said to have tossed pots, pans and spice jars at kitchen workers. Yikes!

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Foley House Inn

The Foley House Inn was originally built in 1896 by a successful, wealthy Irish immigrant named Honoria Foley. The original building was burnt to the ground by the Great Savannah Fire of 1889, and Mrs. Foley re-built the Foley House Inn into the inn that it is today. During a renovation in 1987, construction workers found the remains of a body built behind a wall. It’s hard to identify the skeletal remains, but they are said to belong to a man who came to Savannah on business and never returned home.

Today, guests report hearing strange noises or feeling a rush of air without a reasonable cause. Could this be the ghost of Wally (the nickname of the man whose skeleton was in the wall)? Learn more about this spooky inn by taking a Genteel & Bard ghost tour – it’s one of the most awaited stops on the tour route!

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