Exquisite Springtime in Savannah - A Vacation Guide

When it comes to Savannah, there’s no time like Springtime.

From the azaleas to the camellias, tulips and daisies, roses and petunias - the city is bursting with color and fresh life, and fresh air, and romance. It’s one of the absolute most perfect times to visit, and there are so many exquisite activities to get into. But as always, it pays to plan ahead - and of course, consult with the experts to get the inside scoop on some of the more hidden Savannah locations and activities that will take your Savannah excursion from lovely to gorgeous.

Savannah in the Spring, Brenna Michaels stands next to a blooming Camellia bush

A sunrise walk around Forsyth Park

While a trip to Forsyth Park would be categorized as a Savannah vacation must-do for anyone, the early birds who manage to amble from their cozy lodgings just as the first chickadees are singing the day awake, are the ones who get the real treat. Sorry to get all Wendall Berry on you (actually, no we’re not) but those first rays of soft sunshine glistening off of dew-soaked rows and rows of magenta azaleas is nothing like you’ve seen before. Sipping on a steamy cup of coffee, enjoying the sweater-worthy temps - it’s one of mine and T.C.’s favorite ways to spend a morning date before breakfast.

A History romp with Genteel & Bard

Do you know what’s amazing about a good history tour with us at Genteel & Bard? Well, there are a lot of things, but here’s the abbreviated version. In addition to learning about the amazing people and events that transpired here, events that shaped and directed the course of our entire nation, the tours are a great way to get your bearings! We tell guests all the time, that the sooner in your trip you can schedule a tour the better, because it helps you learn your way around the city. Plus, it’s extra fun to go about your visit here knowing all the behind-the-scenes facts that make Savannah so special. Click here to learn more and book your Genteel & Bard Savannah History Tour.

All color-110.jpg
Green Savannah Palm Tree on St. Patricks Day

Keep it fresh (and delicious) at Fox & /fig Cafe

Don’t let the vegan menu scare you, all you meat lovers out there. The fresh culinary compilations at Fox & Fig make for a mouthwatering smorgasbord that regularly delights foodies of all persuasions. Try the coffee-dusted pancakes, the chia porridge, or their famous veggie burger. And don’t miss the vanilla-hemp breve - SO good.

visit the prettiest little shop on Whitaker Street, Courtland & Co.

This fine linen and interior decor shop is the creative result of designer, Courtland Stevens. If you’re a “monogram it all” kind of gal, this shop is for you. If you appreciate sweet embroidery, classic southern design aesthetic, luxury linens, or bright, cheery home decor - this shop is for you also. Courtland & Co. is where all the downtown local ladies are setting up their fresh spring home decor pallets. This is a sure stop for a piece of southern home lifestyle you can take home with you.

GRab a cup of coffee and a waffle to-go (or to sit and enjoy) at Mirabelle Cafe

This picturesque cafe sits on the bottom level of one of Savannah’s sweetest little B&B’s.Located just across Abercorn Street from the picturesque Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Mirabelle is famous for their grab and go gourmet Belgian-style waffles, it’s also a perfect stop for a coffee break in the pretty little front parlor rooms. Instagrammers, take note - this location is for you.

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Lose yourself at the Alida’s Lost Square

One of Savannah’s most recent and lauded luxury hotels, the Alida, was named for Alida Harper-Fawlkes, an original Savannah preservationist whose quiet efforts went a long way toward making sure Savannah became the lovely historic city you’ll see today. The Lost Square is the Alida’s luxurious and trendy rooftop bar, with pretty city views and sweeping views of the Savannah River, Talmadge Bridge, and low country marsh beyond.

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