A Perfectly Romantic Day in Savannah

TC and Brenna hold a giant bouquet of heat balloons for Valentines Day

It’s no secret that Savannah is the South’s most romantic city.

Between the sprawling oak trees, Spanish moss, cobblestone lanes, secret gardens, boutiques, entertainment, and artisanal foodie scene - there are seemingly endless ways to spend a date night - honestly, you can pretty much stumble your way into a romantic good time.

But there are definitely some tried and true romantic favorites that T.C. and I find ourselves returning to again and again.

So here’s a rundown of our perfect romantic Savannah day.

T.C. & Brenna in Forsyth Park on VDay in Savannah GA

An early stroll down Bull Street

There’s something truly magical about Savannah in the morning - just after sunrise. She’s a city, for sure. But Savannah is a sleepy city, with cozy coffee shops, park benches, chiming church bells, and bursting varieties of flowers that show off nearly year-long.

The morning light showers down in rainbow kaleidoscopes through gently tossing Spanish moss, and over gabled roofs and sprawling porches. The clop of horse hoofs can be heard in tandem with laughing children walking in cute little gaggles to school. There’s a sweet sweet energy here in the morning, and there’s just nothing like strolling historic Bull Street, the main thoroughfare downtown, sprinkled with towering monuments, city squares, and park benches. We always swing by Collins Quarter for a creamy turmeric latte, or Gallery Espresso for a foamy double-shot to go. It’s the perfect way to start the day, arm in arm.

T.C. & Brenna with Azaleas on Bull Street
IPC Savannah Steeple on Bull Street
A dolphin fish spout on Bull Street
Old Scottish Rite Building in Savannah GA

Breakfast at Little Duck Diner

If you follow us on Instagram, it’s no secret that Little Duck Diner is one of our absolute FAVORITE places to eat in Savannah. Between the modern-french aesthetic, the AMAZING food - they boast a traditional 24 HR diner breakfast menu - and super yummy coffee, we’re basically hooked. You can read more about our romantic Savannah breakfast place recommendations here.

The floor mosaic at Little Duck Diner in Savannah GA
Little Duck Diner Logo Glass

Writing {Typing} Love Letters at E.Shaver Bookseller

E. Shaver Bookseller in Savannah is one of those bookstores - the kind that gets under your skin. If you’re a book lover you’ll fall in love with this place, and you won’t forget it. From the iconic front stoop and blue door, to the maze of historic rooms packed full with cases and cases of books, old and new, regional and best-sellers, you can get lost in here, in the best possible way. Fortunately, there’s a tea-room adjacent to the front entrance, and several inviting, cozy spots to snuggle up and peruse coffee table books together. And don’t forget about the typewriter. There’s an old typewriter in the back room. It works. You can write notes, quotes, love letters . . . print them out and tape them to the wall, alongside hundreds of others. It’s so cool - and the perfect opportunity to write your honey a sonnet for all to see.

Outside of E. Shaver Bookseller in Savannah GA

A picnic in forsyth park

From first dates, to engagements, to weddings in front of the iconic white fountain, Forsyth Park has played host to love stories of every kind. It’s a picturesque place to get lovie dovie while taking in garden views, historic architecture, and sprawling Live Oaks.

T.C. and Brenna in Forsyth Park with Valentines Heart Balloons

Peruse the art at The Telfair Academy Museum

The South East’s first art museum, The Telfair Academy Museum is THE most romantic and architecturally stunning art museum in Savannah. This breathtaking southern mansion is a treat for the senses, and the perfect place for a romantic, high-brow amble into the creative past.

The Telfair House Art Museum, Savannah GA
Interior of the Telfair Academy in Savannah GA

Dinner at Bella Napoli

You know that scene in Lady and the Tramp where the two dogs are at the Italian restaurant, and there’s romantic music and lighting, and yummy spaghetti kisses? Bella Napoli is that place. In real life. Go there. Trust us. This family-owned, authentic Italian restaurant is one of Savannah’s hidden gems. It’s impossible to come here and not feel the romance.

Dessert at 17Hundred90

Fans of Outlander, National Treasure, American History, romantic historic locations, or candlelit ambiance will be fans of this historic restaurant tucked within one of Savannah’s oldest inns. Live piano music and an award-winning menu make 17Hundred90 a must-visit for (at least dessert) on any special occasion.

Peregrin Rooftop Bar in Savannah GA

Cocktails at the Peregrin Rooftop Bar

The Great Gatsby meets Low Country charm on this luxury rooftop bar. Delectable cocktails, views of the Historic Savannah and the river beyond, and table-top fire pits make The Peregrin the most romantic spot in Savannah to top off the night. T.C. and I are here ALL THE TIME.

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