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It may come as a surprise, but I’m a firm believer that Savannah is a city perfectly suited for children. Perhaps not in the traditional sense - there are no theme parks, no commercially-sponsored movie-themed stores or restaurants.

On the contrary, Savannah is a foray into the genuine, a true step into the old world and all its history, its intrigue and architecture. art and culinary wonders.

It’s just the kind of place children see less and less of these days, and the perfect place for them to dip their little toes into new and unexpected experiences.

Our son, Rhett, is being raised here in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, and he knows his way around like the back of his tiny hand. Spending our days here with him has been the perfect dive into all the wonderful things Savannah has to offer for little ones. And we’re sharing some of our favorites here with you.


Kid-Friendly Savannah Activities

The Georgia State Railroad Museum

This is by far one of our favorite places to take our little man in downtown. The Georgia State Railroad Museum train station is packed with old train engines, passenger coaches, cute cabooses and more. Kids and adults of all ages are sure to have a fun time exploring and learning about transportation of the past.

Savannah Children’s Museum

Located conveniently next to the Georgia Train Museum this outdoor labyrinth of learning and exploration is a fantastic adventure for little ones, and the surrounding historic architecture makes for a great photo-op for parents. You can purchase a combination ticket to the Georgia Train Museum and the Savannah Children’s Museum, which makes for easy accessibility between the two.

Henny Penny Art-Space and Cafe

Henny Penny is a major favorite at our house. This sweet cafe offers not only delicious coffee/tea drinks and snacks for moms and dads, but they provide a daily variety of kiddie arts and craft projects that your littles can enjoy while you sit back and enjoy that latte. (Smocks, easels, and paints are all provided for about the price of a second latte.)

Since this cafe is located near Savannah’s trendy Starland District, once your littles are done with their masterpieces, a walk around the neighborhood is in order.

Rhett at Henny Penny
Rhett painting at Henny Penny

The Fountain (and playgrounds) at Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a long-time Savannah favorite for letting the kiddos stretch their legs, explore acres and acres of open green lawns and tree-shaded lanes, and take a turn around the iconic Forsyth Park Fountain.

Once you’ve had a chance to explore, the playgrounds at Forsyth are the stuff of kiddie legend. There are slides, swings, tunnels, see-saws, money bars, and imagination stations galore. It’s the perfect place for mom and dad to kick back with a latte and let the kiddos go wild (and use up some of that boundless energy-haha.)

Brenna and Rhett at Forsyth Park in Savannah, Georgia

Oatland Island Wildlife center

As you may have guessed, this sweet wildlife refuge sits on Outland Island, a coastal island that sits an easy ten minute drive outside of Savannah’s Historic District. From turtles to cougars, to alligators and timber wolves - The Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a fantastic opportunity for little ones to see some of their favorite animals in the wild - well, almost wild - it is a refuge, after all. There is also a petting zoo where the usual barnyard friends are always excited to say hello. Pro Tip: make sure you bring along a can of bug spray and comfortable walking shoes.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a fun-time staple in Savannah, and absolutely PERFECT for kids. From the Tybee Lighthouse, sea food at the Original (family-owned) Crab Shack, ice cream (and latte drinks for the adults) at Seaweeds Ice Cream & SurfPunk Coffee House, ocean views from The Tybee Pier, and kicking back on a beach towel on North Beach - Tybee is the perfect small beach town to take your littles for a day in the sun.

Rhett on Tybee Island for a Savannah Vacation
Baby Rhett and Brenna on Tybee Island
Rhett and Brenna at Tybee Island

Kid-Friendly Savannah Shops

Planet Fun

This shop is the quintessential blast from the past. If the show Stranger Things had a store - this would be it. From countless old comic books, cult collector’s items from movies like Star Wars and Ghost Busters, arcade games, and oddities around every corner - kids and adults of all ages are sure to enjoy a foray into this Broughton Street staple.

The Children’s Book Room at E. Shaver Booksellers in Savannah GA

the Savannah Candy Kitchen

Picture Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, but with fresh praline samples and a quaint southern vibe. There are two Savannah Candy Kitchen locations, one on River Street, and the other at Savannah’s City Market in Ellis Square.

Aleksandra’s Gift Shop

With two locations, 37 Abercorn Street & 205 W. Broughton Street, Aleksandr'a’s Gift Shop is our favorite place to grab a fun, colorful, and trendy Savannah souvenir. We especially like this family-owned Savannah business for when Rhett is with us, because there is a wide variety of kid-friendly options, all of them equally adorable.

E. Shaver Bookseller

This quaint, historic bookstore in the heart of downtown Savannah is by far our favorite shop to swing into with Rhett. Aside from the fact that there are two adorable shop cats, there is also a tea room, and enough genuine charm to make you want to take a seat in one of many cozy nooks and relax a while, book-lover or not. There is also the most charming children’s book room I’ve ever seen. Rhett absolutely loves E. Shaver and asks to go there all the time. We happily oblige.

Kid-Friendly Savannah Restaurants

Leopold’s Ice Cream

If you come to Savannah and don’t get a treat at Leopold’s Ice Cream, were you ever really here? This vintage style charmer of an establishment has been family-owned and operated in Savannah for 100 years. With fresh ice cream made in-house in a wide variety of delicious flavors, even your pickiest little angel is sure to find something to their liking - Leopold’s is a definite crowd-pleasure.

The Pirate’s House

The Pirate’s House is one of the very favorite kid-friendly eateries in Savannah. Housed in one of Savannah’s oldest standing buildings, perched atop an old fort and near the edge of the Savannah River, this one time actual pirate haunt is a little one’s swashbuckling dream come true. Kid’s menus convert into pirate hats, mustaches, and earrings - ensuring instant gratification and table entertainment. Hosts dressed as pirates walk the floors of the restaurant and regale visitors of Savannah adventures past. And once dinner is complete an upstairs gift shop full of pirate-themed goodies awaits.

Little Duck Diner

This trendy, fun diner is not only chic, it’s incredibly kid-friendly. Meaning that parents will have the chance to feel like they’re in a romantic date spot, while the kids simultaneously happy with the large breakfast any-time-of-day options, as well as scrumptious tacos, sandwiches, and desserts galore. Rubber duckies are available upon request - seriously.

Betty Bombers

If Rosie the Riveter had a restaurant, it’d be a lot like retro eatery Betty Bombers. This classic American burger joint has an extensive burger menu, including THE BEST veggie burgers in town (seriously, my mouth watered just typing that) as well as a variety of hot dogs, fries, and good old fashioned fountain drinks. Located just off the south end of Forsyth Park this is the perfect spot to grab a bite with the family after some fun times had at the playground.

Savannah is an amazing place for kids,

and honestly, it’s hard to keep from going on and on about it! But I’ll be continuing to add to this list over time. I hope you’ve found this list useful!

Rhett wearing a pirate hat at The Pirate’s House in Savannah, Georgia
Brenna & T.C. Michaels, of Genteel & Bard in Savannah, GA

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