A Love Letter to Juliette {Gordon Low}

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Sitting on the front steps of Juliette Gordon Low's childhood home, the house where she was born, the house where her parents lived out a love story that braved the Civil War and Sherman's March to the Sea.

Inside the walls of this house, the heart of a heroine was nurtured, and when she left here to marry in 1886, to step into all the adventures that Juliette's life brought her way - she was refined into the kind of woman with gumption enough to start a club for girls, a club to equip them to be women of bravery and wit and gumption of their own. 

This house catches my eye all the time - nearly every day as I walk through this southern city, this Savannah home of mine.

And I think of Juliette and the obstacles that came her way - war, and deafness, infidelity, and heartache - and travel, and adventure, and passion, and eccentricity that lent itself to legacy.

If you don't know Juliette Gordon-Low, maybe you should look her up. She was so much more than just the founder of the Girl Scouts. 

I imagine what it would be like to pass her on the street, this woman who championed feminism decades before it was the fashion - and it makes me smile to know that her neighborhood is mine as well - our every days intersecting across time, here on these same streets and squares, these very same steps.

We girls have come so far. Just like Juliette dreamed we would. And so when I sit here, I think of her - and smile.

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