Savannah's Most Instagram-Worthy Locations

Savannah is a city that was made for Instagram! Between historic architecture, massive live oak trees, and quirky pops of color, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy spots to fuel your account for months to come.


Factors Walk

This spot is debatably the most underrated photo op in the Historic District, especially in the springtime. Here, there’s a lovely little bridge with wrought iron hand rails that connects Bay Street to Factors Walk, which was home to Savannah’s original Cotton Exchange. At the end of the bridge rests an adorable trellis blossoming with honeysuckle bush that gives Factors Walk a fresh, whimsical look.

Brenna and T.C. Michaels in Factors Walk in Savannah GA


The Starland District

Over the past couple of years, Starland District graffiti artists have turned blank concrete walls into incredible street art. Head to this quirky, up-and-coming art neighborhood to find colorful wall murals that make the perfect backdrop to any #OOTD post. With vintage-inspired cafes, record stores and recycled clothing shops, the Starland District is always on trend, making it the ultimate spot to add hipster vibes to your Instagram.

Wall art in the Starland District
Wall art in Savannah’s Starland District


The Olde Pink House 

Every Instagram photo needs a pop of color, and The Olde Pink House is the perfect place to add a pop of pink to your feed! The pink color of this famous Savannah restaurant gives it an incredibly romantic look, which why it’s such a popular spot for engagement photoshoots. The inside of The Olde Pink House is just as striking as the outside – it has crisp, white table cloths, charming Southern decor and plenty of natural lighting, making it the perfect place to snap a magazine-worthy food photo.

The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia


The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
It doesn’t get any more picture perfect than the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. On the outside, the gorgeous Cathedral has two tall steeples embellished with gold detail. But when you step inside, be prepared to stop in your tracks – the beauty of the Cathedral’s colorful stained glass, 34 intricately painted murals and bright blue ceilings will take your breath away. It’s no wonder why people call this cathedral the ‘Sistine of the South.’

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Savannah


Tybee Island

Did you know that Savannah has a beach? Tybee Island is a lively and eccentric little island located just 20 minutes away from downtown Savannah. Vibrant beach cottages, green palm trees and crashing ocean waves are just what your Instagram feed needs. Head here at sunrise to capture a dreamy, beach skyline photo – no filter needed.

North Beach on Tybee Island Savannah GA

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