"Genteel & Bard's high-end Savannah History and Ghost Walking Tours are crafted with you, our guests, in mind.  Our passion is creating an unparalleled tour experience, and to treat ya'll like family is our second nature. We value the fine southern art of storytelling, and the privilege of sharing that art with you."

Welcome, friends. Let's walk a while." - T.C. & Brenna, Genteel & Bard

Your good time is our priority, and it shows . . .

Awarded Americana's Tailor Made Tour of the Year 2018

An Autumn Front Porch in Savannah | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Walking Tours

A First Rate Experience!!

I have taken other Savannah tours and this one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. TC was a wonderful guide both personable and knowledgeable. The History tour was the perfect length and covered a lot of historic Savannah. Audio earbuds are provided so you don't miss a single word. I can highly recommend this tour - you won't be disappointed! - Maureen K (Palm City, FL) - TripAdvisor

Savannah Walking Tour

Absolutely loved this tour. Our guide was super knowledgable, clearly loves Savannah, had a very engaging style. Calls himself a historical storyteller. Absolutely delightful. And didn't feel like two hours. I couldn't have gone on longer. - Sophie F (Washington D.C.) - TripAdvisor

Strongly Recommend!

I only had a few hours in Savannah on my first visit to the city. It's rich in history and I knew a walking tour would provide a great intro. I thought the carriage and trolley tours were a little kitschy, and some of them are automated on an audio recording. I wanted a tour guide who could answer questions I might have. T.C. was a wonderful guide, and with a background in radio had a great voice and knew how to keep things entertaining and to keep our energy up. He provides individual headphones and audio packs to everyone so that you can hear him clearly even if you are walking away/lagging behind the group in order to take a photo of something you see (which I have a habit of doing), or if you walk a little more slowly than everyone else. A perfect experience and I would recommend T.C. to anyone I know who wants to explore Savannah! - Christine (New York, NY) TripAdvisor

Chills and thrills and lots of fun!

My coworker and I booked a late night tour on what had to be the coldest night of the year, and TC just said, dress warmly, then showed us everything! We started at a cemetery and it got scarier from there. From creepy homes abandoned because of ghosts to alleys haunted by the dead, this was the real deal. We learned a ton about Savannah history, too. Lots of opportunities to take pictures and look for your own orbs! Wear comfy shoes, because this is an urban hike! Beautiful city, great spooky tour! - Berta P - TripAdvisor

Like hanging out with an old friend

TC was great, we first booked the night haunted tour. It was fun learning the urban legands and the true stories of Savannah. He knew so much history that we had to book the day time tour the next day. What a great time. Lots of info. Wear good walking shoes as he shows you everything. Highly recommend him. You wont be disappointed. - mishealb2017 (NC) TripAdvisor

I Can Hear, I Can Hear!!

The Best Savannah Tour is a walking tour that hands out earbuds for everyone. I can walk, look and listen without having to crowd around or be upfront during the tour. TC, our tour guide, has a fun, informative historic day tour that was a delight. To not give away too much, he has photos, audio readings and historic stories and facts that we could see and hear as we walked. Loved it!! TC offers a great presentation of historic lore about Savannah. I especially love the little known secrets that locals know and visitors don't...like Girl Scout cookies, all the time at the Juliet Gordon Lowe House. A perfect afternoon of tourism. — jmwille55 (LaFayette, GA) TripAdvisor

Would Recommend To Anyone

T.C. is so good at what he does. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the ghostly encounter tour, I didn't want it to end! A great combination of history and stories are offered, each one of them keeping your interest. Savannah has so much to offer, this is a great way to experience Savannah at night. Would highly recommend. - Carla R (Jacksonville, FL) - TripAdvisor

We Will Be Back Some Day!

Loved our tour and really enjoyed learning about Savannah from TC. He made sure we knew the tour starting location with a thoughtful courtesy call the day before and the earbuds and microphone he uses were great. So knowledgable and friendly - wish we'd booked his ghost tour, too! He clearly loves Savannah and sharing that passion with others. Thanks, TC! We will be back some day! - Sheila (Ontario, Canada) — Google


TC did a great job of providing a lot of historical information, not sensationalized trivia. He showed us his and clients' photos on his iPad, and allowed many opportunities to take our own pictures. We couldn't stop raving about it the next day, and I have already recommended this tour to several friends. I'm looking forward to doing it again the next time I'm in Savannah. - Dee B (New York) - TripAdvisor

Amazing Tour

We have lived in Savannah or over a year and have been on multiple tours. This one is by far the best!!!! I loved that the tour provided headphones so you can hear everything that was said even when my 18 month wanted to get out of her stroller in one of the squares and run around, I did not have to miss anything!!!! TC is very personable and knowledgable and this tour is seriously the best!!!! - Marci (Savannah) - TripAdvisor 


My husband and I had the privilege of taking a tour of Savannah while visiting for our wedding anniversary. We called TC and was able to book the tour for the same day. He is a well spoken, down to earth young man with an amazing knowledge of Savannah and it's rich history. He even told us places to visit while there as well as the best places to eat. The ear buds were a nice touch as we didn't miss out on anything he said. If you get the opportunity, book a tour with him and I promise you will not be disappointed! - JAJT11 (McCaysville, GA) - TripAdvisor

Fun & Informative!

My sister-in-law and I had a great (and chilly) tour learning some very cool and creepy history of the area. We had so much fun with T.C.. He shared some cool personal stories of his and his families own experiences with ghosts and spirits and happily listened to our own. He has a great sense of humor and patience as he put up with the 2 of us!! I would definitely recommend T.C. He's an affable, intelligent guy who is a gifted storyteller and obviously loves his job. Thanks again, from Tiffany and Maria. (Toronto, Canada) - TripAdvisor



I love ghost tours and try to do them when we go to historic cities. I heard about TC from our hotel concierge. She told me that she had a great impression of him and his company, that she believed he really cared about what he was doing and would provide a great experience. My husband and 7 year old daughter decided to stay back at the hotel while I opted to do a the ghost tour. It was evident when I met TC at the tour meeting spot that he was professional and very passionate about the history and stories of Savannah. He is a such a gifted story teller which adds so much to a great ghost tour. I love history and am a believer in the paranormal. I truly enjoyed my time on the tour and recommend to anyone who loves history and would like to see the city of Savannah in a different way! - Laura (Cincinnati, OH) - TripAdvisor


We wanted a tour that gave us a good overview of Savannah at the beginning of our visit and this was perfect. Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable about Savannah history. We asked lots of questions and he kept delving more deeply into the fascinating background of the city. Great sense of humor. Included pre recorded readings of key historical points that really added to the experience. The walk was very pleasant - all flat. Remember to wear solid walking shoes for the cobblestones. The individual audio boxes are a real plus that none or few of the other tour companies offer. We were so impressed that we booked a ghost tour with the same guide! - Patti45 (Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina) - TripAdvisor

Excellent tour!

There were many to choose from and we kept coming back here. We were not disappointed! T.C. was an incredible guide and the extensive knowledge of the history of Savannah and how it ties into ghosts, hauntings and supernatural phenomenon was incredible. His personal experiences just added to it. We toured post-hurricane and we were actually the only couple on the tour. Tours generally last about 90 minutes....T.C. treated us to almost 2 1/2 hours. The use of the ear buds was great as we weren't always walking closely together and we didn't want to miss a thing. I was able to observe another tour group that we considered and knew we made the best choice. We would highly recommend!!! - B P (Athens, AL) - TripAdvisor

The Best Savannah Ghost Tour!

"Savannah offers a quite a few tours for those interested in the paranormal, and after doing some research, I was very pleased that I chose the Best Savannah Ghost Tour with my guide T.C. As it was a weeknight and after Labor Day but well before Halloween, I really lucked out in that my group was just me, my brother, my cousin and TC. We got a very personalized tour, which didn't even feel like a tour, but more like a personal experience out on the town for a night with a friend. And besides just being friendly and a great guy, TC really knows his facts and details. I left the tour feeling like I got much much more than my money's worth, and I will definitely try to meet up with TC again for another ghost tour if my travels ever bring me back to Savannah - which is a GREAT town by the way!" - PCK (Pittsburgh) - TripAdvisor

A Passionate tour

"My wife and I absolutely LOVED this tour. We have done a few of the other tours in Savannah, and recently came upon this one when we had some family in town. The coolest thing about it is that combines the elements of a classic tour with new technology. So you get an earbud, and you learn even more about Savannah while it's being streamed through your guides ipad wirelessly! Other tours you spend most of the time just walking, with The Best Savannah Tour, you are learning even during the walking time, if you choose to. It's definitely more bang for your buck. T.C. was our guide, and man is he good. He and his family live right in one of the historic squares, so not only does he know the history, but he has his finger on the pulse of the city and has some great stories, including recent movies that were shot there, and some funny local happenings. T.C. has an acting and radio background, and it really comes through on his tour. He's very passionate about Savannah, and after taking this tour, you'll know why." - C. E., Google Review


Soooo Much Funnn!!

This was a really great tour!! History mixed with ghosts! We enjoyed walking around the historic district and seeing the beauty of Savannah. Our tour guide was absolutely amazing and kept my 8 yr old and 11 year old niece and nephew engaged and excited the whole time!! We stopped in Savannah on our way to Disney and both my niece and nephew had more fun on this tour and in Savannah than at Disney! I think that says something, lol! - Meg200418 - TripAdvisor

Ghost Walking Tour

Our family group consisted of ages 10-74. We all enjoyed this tour, the guide and felt this tour was our favorite out of 8 tours on our vacation. This tour company and tour was an absolute favorite! Thank you! — Lynnette B (Minnesota) - TripAdvisor

Savannah Magnolias | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Walking Tours

Best Ghost Tour!!

TC was an amazing and entertaining story teller and really knew his stuff! You could tell he loves what he does and is fully immersed in it! The earbuds provided are really a nice touch because you can always hear what he’s saying while you’re doing your own thing. While we were walking around I couldn’t help but listen in on the other tours around to compare them to the one I was on, and the others didn’t even compare!!! Everyone on the tour looked bored, while our group looked interested and excited the whole time! Definitely recommend this ghost tour!! - Mallory - Google Review (2/12/18)

TC Is A Expressive and Passionate Tour Guide

My wife and I were walking around the historic district for 3 days & I saw other tour guides - not one of them seemed to have the sincere love and passion for Savannah History (and Savannah in the present). It is very apparent that he takes pride in his work and works to refine his knowledge. TC's story telling skills enable his guest to feel intimate connections to the history. - Leonard N. - Google Review

The Guide Was Fantastic!

First time in Savannah and looked up reviews for ghost tours and came upon this one. The guide was fantastic! The commentary via earbuds made the experience more engaging, informational and intimate. He had a talent for storytelling and entertained all ages in the group. His improvisational skills made for some clever on-the-spot jokes. I highly recommend it! Just don't take too many pictures. You may see someone (or some thing) you wish you hadn't. -- Auto Focus - Google Review

Excellent Storytelling And Wonderful Time!

We took the ghost tour and it was excellent! I have been dying to take a ghost tour of Savannah and this was just wonderful, and this tour exceeded my expectations. The tour guide was both knowledgeable and an excellent storyteller so the tour was incredibly engaging. Detail, charm, knowledge, and expert craftsmanship... this tour was great and I would highly recommend it! - Megan S - TripAdvisor

Best Savannah Ghost Tour

My husband and I have been on 4 ghost tours in Savannah and this was by far the best. TC is a wonderful story teller and took time to give extensive details at all the stops. We loved having the earbuds to hear no matter where we were in line. TC even took some of us to a bonus location after the tour ended to see where the slave tunnels went under River and Bay Streets. If you have an opportunity, I would definitely suggest booking a ghost tour with Genteel and Bard. — Christa5285 (St. Simons, GA) TripAdvisor

Fun And Interesting Tour Of The Historic District

TC made history come to life with his excellent storytelling skills. He guided our group to a large number of sites but spent enough time at each place to allow us to absorb the history & really see the place. We enjoyed his command of the information and his sense of humor, too. It was a great introduction to the history and beauty of Savannah. Laurel B - TripAdvisor

Great Ghost Tour

This was our favorite ghost tour in the city! The ear phones and mic system were a great touch. CT was a great guide and story teller and was very knowledgeable in Savannah history and lore. Very chilling and very fun. We would definitely do this tour again! — itsPK (Providence, RI) TripAdvisor

Best tour guide in Savannah!

We took both the early morning Savannah History Tour and the evening Ghost Tour. TC Is an amazing guide. His knowledge of Savannah and its history made the time fly by. We would highly recommend both of these tours. R&D Russell - TripAdvisor


T.C. was our guide and he was by far the best! I've been on a couple ghost tours in Savannah but this was the BEST! The earbuds were an EXCELLENT idea. We had no issues hearing him and I'm so glad I could. The history of Savannah is so rich and intriguing. You won't regret booking a tour with this group y'all! Promise! - 177lindsayw- TripAdvisor

It Really Is The BEST!!!!!!!!

I booked this tour with 3 of my friends because of the reviews. The whole experience exceeded any of our expectations! T.C. readily shares his passion for history and his love of the spirit world. We now have a new believer due to our experiences. I would take this tour or any tour that he has. 10 stars!!!!!! - Karen G (Ocala, FL) - TripAdvisor

Ghost & History Tour... Luv'd it!!

TC was Excellent!! And EZ walking tour...A Bonus!! A little after dinner Stroll. Bravo.......!!! History was great bonus for me..us!! Great after dinner stroll too!! The ear buds...audio was The Bomb!! Heard Every Word!! 10 for that too!! - epetricca53 - TripAdvisor

A Must Do When Visiting Savannah!

TC was the best part of this tour! I've traveled all throughout Europe and taken walking tours in numerous cities, and this is one of the best. TC's knowledge of the city and it's history, sprinkled with personal anecdotes about his own experiences really bring Savannah to life. We could've kept walking and listening! The addition of the radio headsets and the interactive videos make it easier to hear what's being said and serve to bring history to life. Coupled with TC's natural gift for storytelling, this tour is a 'must' when in Savannah. - Karen M - TripAdvisor


The Tour Was Just PERFECT

Courteous, knowledgeable, great communication skills and was not watching the clock. Highly recommend the tour to really get insight to historic Savannah. — Syevie (West Palm Beach, FL) — Yelp

The Best Savannah Tour with T.C.

This tour was absolutely incredible! I was captivated by our tour guides knowledge and I was entertained the entire time. I have been on historical tours all over the world and have many times found myself distracted and un-entertained but this tour will keep you completely tuned in! TC told us of his past career in radio and he has mixed this background into the tours he gives. He gives you a headset so that even if you wonder or walk away from the group to get closer to a building he may be talking about, you can still hear every word he is saying. It was a very interactive tour and you will truly be missing out if you don't make this tour apart of your time here in Savannah. TC is so knowledgeable and has intensely done his research on Savannah's history. I honestly want to go again next week! I HIGHLY recommend this tour! - Stephanie - TripAdvisor


Truly the best! TC's knowledge, storytelling, interacting and engagement created a perfect tour of Savannah. My husband and I have taken tours in many cities and I do not believe anyone has come close to TC. He carried an iPad with audio clips, historical photos and at the appropriate location, peppered them into his presentation. It was a well thought out balance of history, architecture, and current cultural happenings! You will enjoy and be satisfied with this tour. We were 100%! - Mariann F (Potomac, MD) - TripAdvisor


TC developed a fun, enlightening and personalized tour, complete with historic photos and audio readings from historic letters and documents. Our hotel (Montage) recommended this tour, and for good reason. Everyone gets earbuds to listen to him as we walked. Finally, a tour where one doesn't need to lip-read or be at the front of the pack in order to hear a guide! My husband teaches history and gave TC high marks. He blended of lore and facts beautifully, covering from pre-Colonial times to the present. Perfect... - Stox (Albuquerque, NM) - TripAdvisor 

Excellent Ghost Tour of Savannah!

We have taken many ghost tours throughout the USA and Europe, including tours in Key West, New Orleans, York (England) and Prague. This tour was by far my personal favorite, thanks to the tour guide T.C. and his excellent presentation of the tour. As previously noted in other reviews, he provides ear buds for the tour which is a MAJOR bonus over the other tours. While on ghost tours (or any other group tours for that matter) in the past, it is often difficult to hear the guide due to city noise, other chatty guests, etc. However, with this tour, you can easily follow along with the guide at all times. T.C. has also adapted technology into his tour in other ways, by showing video clips, playing creepy music as you walk along and listen to his stories, etc. Even if you take the technology out of the tour, T.C. is clearly a naturally gifted tour guide with the perfect personality for leading a group tour. He is full of great information, humorous and you can tell that he loves what he does. I just wish we had been in town longer to take his daytime tour. Honestly, he should be the #1 spot on TA and I feel he will get there once others find out about his tours. - Thrillrider (Pennsylvania) - TripAdvisor

Engaging and Informative

We were lucky enough to get a personal historical tour from TC last week, and what a great beginning to our trip that was! He was well-versed on history and local legend, and we loved how he used his a/v accessories. He provided headphones to ensure his commentary was easily heard and to share audio clips of pertinent letters and documents. Additionally, he used his tablet to share interesting shots of landmarks, which greatly added to the experience. This is not your run-of-the-mill tour - very innovative! TC is engaging and easy to get along with. In a city filled with walking tour options, we are happy to say we believe we picked the right one! - Liah W - TripAdvisor


We recently went on an evening ghost tour and we had a BLAST!  Our guide, TC, was truly amazing.  Very knowledgeable, entertaining and a great story teller.  We learned a lot and had a ton of fun along the way.  Would strongly recommend.  Thanks so much TC!  Look forward to seeing you next time we're in town. - Leslie F. (Glenview, IL) - Yelp


My husband and I ended up doing a tour with TC and it was a ton if fun! He had a lot of info and it was easy to follow along with the receiver and headphones! I feel like we definitely got our money's worth and if we come back to Savannah we will do another tour with him! Thanks again TC! -Rose - (Tampa, FL) - TripAdvisor

Savannah's Ghost Encounter Walking Tour

We truly enjoyed the night ghost tour guided by TC few days ago. It was well prepared and very professionally done. TC is a very good story teller and made then also suitable for our 10yr old daughter. We would highly recommend this tour! - DLV1121 (New York City, New York) - TripAdvisor


My husband, son, and I went on the walking Ghost Tour at 10 pm. The guide was excellent with knowledge of all the history in downtown Savannah. He kept us riveting with intrigue at all times! We were allowed to take many pictures of all the homes we toured and there was suspicious behavior from lofts, balconies and windows and cemetery! I was not aware before arriving in Savannah that it was most haunted city in the USA. It was the best tour and very affordable and we got to see lovely Savannah at night! We were very pleased. - Rita - TripAdvisor

A special time

"Wonderful way to learn the history of Savannah, Ga with a great tour guide who knows his history. The earpiece hookup is a plus when walking. I love Savannah and T.C. took the time to make our walk special with lots of added facts and people stories. We're looking forward to the ghost tour next visit!" - Jean W. - Google Review

Kid-friendly history

“While traveling on our east coast summer vacation, we came across the historical daytime walking tour. Our family consists of three boys, ages 11, 9, and 7. It’s hard to find something to do on vacation that engages everyone in the family. My husband and I are history buffs and wanted to know more about Savannah. My boys, of course, wanted to be entertained and did not want to go on a tour which would be like school. We accomplished both on the Historical Daytime Walking Tour. T.C., our guide, was funny, entertaining, and very informative. He was great with the boys! The format was more like a story of what went on behind the scenes in early Savannah. The time went by so quickly! We wish we had time to take the ghost encounter tour. We will definitely refer this tour to our friends traveling to Savannah.” – C. Rickey - TripAdvisor

Wonderful overview

Lots of info in a great format. Great use of technology: no straining to hear what guide is saying...didn't miss a word. Such a knowledgeable guide: answered all our questions. All in all, a great use of our limited time in Savannah! We were in town for a destination wedding: can't wait to come back. - libba2017 (Birmingham, AL) - TripAdvisor

Beautiful Monument in Bonaventure Cemetery | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Walking Tours

Best in Savannah

As someone else said: T.C is the man! I did a lot of looking when planning my trip to Savannah and I chose the early morning walking tour with Genteel and Bard. I am so glad I did. His love of Savannah is evident and infectious, he's got that Southern gentleman charm and fabulous knowledge of this beautiful city. He makes the history come to life, and that is the gift of a true storyteller. The practical aspect of providing earbuds is great and the walking is paced well. There are lots of tours to choose from in Savannah. Take this one. You will be glad you did. - yannetta64 (Pasadena, MD) - TripAdvisor

T.C. is the MAN

We took the walking tour with T.C. I have been on a lot of tours and by far this one was my favorite Not only does TC know his history..... he is a communication expert knowing how to captivate and immerse you into the past history of such an important town in our country's history. Not one boring minute. Walking tour is comprehensive and immersive. Take my advice. Go with TC FYI The walk is not prohibitive I'm not in the greatest physical shape. — Larry (Houston, TX) TripAdvisor


Absolutely the greatest memory of our trip to Savannah. Our Guide TC was full of knowledge, very interactive with the tour group, and made everyone feel involved even the kids.  I would highly recommend this ghost tour over any other in the area. Aehazim429 - Google Review

Had A First Rate Experience!

The History of Savannah is fascinating and why we keep coming back. TC took it to a whole new level with this walking tour. His stories and knowledge of local History keeps you engaged and involved. The pictures and audio along with hearing every word he says makes this a Must Do Savannah experience! - Leinum2017 (Savannah, GA) - TripAdvisor

Get Your Tickets Today!!!

If TC could get more stars, I would give him 10. He is just a fun person all around, with that said he does an excellent tour, lots of info that makes ya go huuummmmmm. I was born in savannah and lived there a number of yrs. My parents were born in savannah lived there all there lives as well as my grand-parents........Yet TC had info I had never heard. If you choose any other guide .....you will be making a big mistake.... GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY!!!!! Karen P (North Carolina) - Facebook

Great Stories!

This was our first trip to Savannah, so we looked into available tours. The reviews for this one were across the board excellent. After our tour this morning we know why. We highly recommend this tour! It is fun, informative, and the listening devices made it so easy to hear every word. Great stories! Truly one of the best parts of our visit to this wonderful town. — Beth — Facebook

Great City Tour!

We travel quite a bit and have taken hundreds of tours and I can honestly say that we throughly enjoyed our walking city tour with TC. He is extremely knowledgable and included lots of interesting side facts and pictures along with the history of this beautiful city. Everyone was given a small receiver and a pair of earbuds so that we didn't miss anything, as well as hearing short clips of actors reading bits of writing from historical figures. In addition to seeing Savannah, we were also here on a college visit to SCAD. TC knew a lot about the the school and the program that we are interested in and took extra time with us to share his insights and some special SCAD locations. Next time we will definitely take his ghost tour! — msalga2 (Wheaton, IL) TripAdvisor


Wonderful Walking Ghost Tour

My friend and I so enjoyed this tour....TC was very knowledgeable and attentive....The history and mysteries truly come to life with TC's tour....we would definitely recommend that anyone visiting Savannah make this a part of their visit. - Sharon P (Salyersville, Kentucky) - TripAdvisor

Great Walking Tour of Savannah

As a native Savannahian ,seeking an articulate knowledgable tour guide for special out of town guests, I hit the jackpot ! TC offered that and so much more. His presentation is enhanced by individual headsets for participants with professional audio supplemental data which which gives added value to the experience.. TC is a rare find... charming, entertaining , top notch presenter and great ambassador for savannah.. My guests were enchanted.. He's my "go to" tour guide for the future .. "The Best Savannah Tour" is NO exaggeration. - carocay12 - TripAdvisor

Met TC Earlier That Day And Loved His Tour That Same Afternoon

I was pushing my daughter in the swing next to TC's son and I randomly starting asking him questions about local restaurants, grocery stores, things to do, etc. He answered my questions, asked me questions about my family and we talked for at least 20 minutes without him bringing up that he owned a tour company. Finally, I actually asked him what he did in town and he just said that he owned a company...I probed further and found out that it was a walking tour company and asked when the next tour was. I love the fact that he is super genuine and didn't try to sell me on his tour even after I gave him one thousand opportunities to do so while he was answering all of my questions. This was the most educational, interesting, and fairly-priced tour we've ever been on. Perfect as well for people with little ones since he provides a headset so you can hear him well even if you have to fall a little behind the tour to soothe your child. After the tour, he even spent 20 minutes with our group giving us tips on local things to do. This guy is super knowledgeable, honest, and just a really great guy...you won't regret spending your time in Savannah with him. - Matthew E (VA) TripAdvisor & Google

Best Tour Ever

Right from the start the tour had a sense of history, fun, and getting out of our comfort zones by walking the city on the search for ghosts. I would do it again any time! - X5965GOsamanthah (Daytona Beach, FL) - TripAdvisor


As a local resident in Savannah, I've been on numerous walking Ghost Tours. This has by far been the best tour I've taken. TC is excellent at what he does, the stories and facts are on target. I love how he incorporates his personal experiences with the stories in his tour. Living in Savannah, it's not unusual to have ghosts in your house. Yes the stories and experiences are true.
The use of the radio headsets makes a huge difference! You are able to truly enjoy the tour and take plenty of pictures, while still being able to hear what is being said, without having to be within 6 feet of the tour guide.
I highly recommend taking this tour and will do it again. - Rose (Savannah, GA) - TripAdvisor


T.C. provided a really great tour of Savannah with interesting stories about the city, its characters and spirits. The headphones were a big plus. He even played snippets of speeches such as a Christmas greeting between Sherman and Lincoln. Top notch! - Michael S-TripAdvisor


We saw this brochure in a cafe and the earbud technology caught my eye as we had seen several tour groups trying to huddle up near the tour guide to be able to hear them over the city noise. T.C. was very knowledgeable and presented interesting information about Savannah history. He carries an iPad and utilizes it for various photos, maps, music, etc to supplement his presentation. The earbuds were great and we didn't miss a word of the tour! Our group was very interactive and the before you knew it, over two hours had passed by. I would definitely recommend the tour. I booked via cell phone using the information in the brochure while we finished up breakfast and met T.C. near Wet Willie's in the City Square. - Shrewsburyk (Nokesville, VA) - TripAdvisor


The best savannah tour hands down! This wasn't one of those walking tours where the guide just ends up talking to the few that are able to stand right besides them the whole time, pointing to things and spewing facts and stories. Our guide TC was engaging and personable. Having those ear buds so that we could still hear the stories if we weren't standing right next to the guide was amazing. If we wanted to linger a moment longer to look and take pictures we didn't have to worry about not hearing the next story. Would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Savannah (locals included)!!! - Ellen - Facebook


TC was GREAT! very knowledgeable, personable and factual with fun along with it! His title is correct-- the BEST one out there! Can't wait to go again! - Lauren - Google Review


I would give ten stars if i could. I'm a local to Savannah and have done many of the tours, and have heard the same stale history lessons and ghost stories over and over again. This was NOTHING like that. TC was a spectacular guide; his knowledge and storytelling is second to none, and had us intrigued the whole trip. I cant wait to invite our guests back for another one. BONUS: They offer audio earbuds, so that you can hear the whole tour, and aren't struggling to get your money's worth by pushing up to the front to hear him. This was especially cool when walking around cemeteries, you could check out different areas and take pics at your own pace, but still hear the entire tour. So Awesome! - Erin (Hartford, CT) -TripAdvisor



The Ghost Encounter was simply amazing!  We had several iPhone5c/s viewings of orbs, which are not malevolent, just some activity that's not seen by the human eye, and TC's story telling cannot be beat!  We tipped him more than what we'd paid for the ticket simply because he was so darned entertaining!  This was better than any movie or video or production could ever replicate, and is a must see tour for sure!  DO NOT MISS THIS VERSION!" - Laura (Augusta, GA) - Yelp

Great tour!

"My boyfriend and I managed to get away from our busy lives and visit Savannah for an evening. We booked a walking ghost tour hoping this one was better than others we've done. And we were not disappointed! T.C. did a great job. He was very knowledgeable, entertaining, and you could tell he is really passionate about the history of Savannah, the ghost and making sure his guest know fact from legend. It was a great tour and I would recommend it to any one who loves a good history lesson of Savannah, and an even better ghost hunt. 5 stars all the way. Can't wait to go back." - JNOliver - TripAdvisor


"The name says it all. As a local who is constantly dragged on tours with visiting guests, I've seen a lot of tours. This one is quite literally the BEST. An absolute must do for anyone seeing savannah for the first time, or for any local who wants to get to know their beautiful city a bit better." - E.E. (Bluffton, SC) - Yelp


We very much enjoyed the ghost tour. TC was very informative and knowledgeable about all things Savannah. He spent easily an extra hour with the group. His use of videos and recordings was very well timed and organized. I would highly recommend this tour. - Joe (New York) - TripAdvisor

“Best tour I’ve been on yet! I recommend this tour to anyone looking for a true Savannah Experience!” –J. Hissem, FB Review

“Great historical tour with an awesome tour guide.” – Wil C. - Google Review


Four of us went on this tour on 9/23/16. It was without question the best of the best.  The owner knew his information extremely well and made the tour very  entertaining as well as informative.  Even if the price is lower than the rest the tour will exceed your expectations.  Also the use  of ear buds makes sure that you hear the entire presentation. - John J. - (Zellwood, FL) - Yelp

Great tour!

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and TC our guide. He is knowledgeable and friendly and, with his drama background, adds additional flare to the tour. We'd happily recommend his tour to friends and family traveling to Savannah and in fact, have already done so. - treehugger224 (Ottawa, Canada) - TripAdvisor