Life in Savannah | An Observation of Luxury, Romance, and the Haunted

T.C. & Brenna Michaels in Savannah GA | Genteel & Bard

There’s romance in Savannah that doesn’t rest -

you can’t step out the door

or glance out the window

without crashing into the





The lives and stories that came before

and paved these streets

and walked these lanes

and kissed lips that’s spoke and sang and dreamed out loud on this exquisite bit of earth.

Southern Luxury is simply appreciation -

sinking into the moment that tics just right

Savannah is the land of poetry

and evening walks beneath lamp posts

and Spanish moss

and moonlit air

that hugs in on you like velvet.

It’s not Savannah

if you’ve not tasted

the humidity,


the haunted history

like wine -

refined and old,

and you open your heart

to the legends.

And Savannah makes you a part of her

- after a while.


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