Navigating Savannah's Historic District Map

"Bull St. is the center of the Historic District, traveling North and South. So if you get turned around, kindly ask someone which way to Bull St." T.C. Michaels | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Historic Walking Tours |

There's not a day that goes by when I walk down Bull St. and enjoy our visitors' eyes down on a map of Savannah's picturesque Historic District. The grid-like appearance of the map can be confusing to the first time visitor, but at least the benefit is that we don't have 71 "Peachtree" streets, circles, industrials, avenues, etc like our neighbor to the north, Atlanta.

When I travel, I love getting lost in a city. Quite often, that's when I truly soak in my surroundings as I navigate my way. Of course, I always make sure I'm in a crowd or near plenty of people, which is a sign of safety. In Savannah, here are a few tips to help you during your visit.

1) The Savannah River is always North. Forsyth Park is South.

2) Bull St. is the center of the Historic District, traveling North and South. So if you get turned around, kindly ask someone which way to Bull St.. Then, you'll know you're in the middle.

3) Another great indication that you're on Bull St. is that our monuments are on it's squares. Whether James Oglethorpe, William Jasper, Casmir Pulaski, Nathanael Greene, or William Washington Gordon, they all hangout on Bull St..

4) Heading South, Forsyth Park is the edge of Historic District. Saying that, definitely walk to the end of the park because there are amazing places to visit. Check out Betty Bombers for a classic 1940's style burger, Sentient Bean for incredible Vegan food and organic coffee, and then Brighter Day, which is a local favorite organic grocery store.

5) Pedicabs are FREE! Just make sure you have cash on hand to tip them.

6) City Market is where you'll find daily free live music.

7) Don't wear heels! Just trust me on this one. You'll spend all your time looking down at the old brick and cobblestone sidewalks rather then the beautiful scenery.

Bottomline, have fun getting lost in the United States' most walkable and haunted city. Savannah is truly one of the most beautiful gardens you'll ever experience, with incredible homes, monuments, restaurants, and the friendliest locals. Don't hesitate saying hi to a local because we love saying hi back.  


T.C. & Brenna Michaels

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We're T.C. and Brenna Michaels, professional storytellers, and owners of Genteel & Bard. 

We still can't believe we get to tell stories for a living. We love God, our sweet little southern gentleman, and our beautiful city of Savannah.

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