"Welcome to Savannah. What Would You Like to Drink?"

"There's a party, and then there's a Savannah party." T.C. Michaels | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Walking Tours | genteelandbard.com

“Would ya like wondago?” …

“What’s a wondago?” …

“One to go…a drink”…

“Oh, I can do that?” …

“Yes, welcome to Savannah” …


There's a party, and then there's a Savannah party. 

Among only a handful of U.S. destinations where you may drink on the streets, Savannah manages it with an impressive mix of grace and revelry.

Wether you’re enjoying a picnic in a square, outdoor wedding reception, bar crawl, or bachelorette party, Savannah perfectly sets the scene for all. 

You’ll see people enjoying live music in City Market, parading along the Savannah River, and singing in the streets.

You’ll see taps coming out of backpacks to pour spirits into the required 16 oz or less plastic cups. You’ll see plastic wine glasses in the historic Savannah squares with a “pinky up”, of course.

Indeed a unique southern privilege.

So when you hear, “would ya like wondago?”, download your preferred taxi app, watch your step along the cobblestone walkways, and enjoy the sweet taste of the South.

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