One Home, Many Hauntings

"A mentally ill woman, possessed by her own demons, forced into an arranged marriage. Her suicide at the Sorrel-Weed House brought her life to an end. But some say she's never really left." T.C. Michaels | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Ghost Encounter Tour

Long before it was a museum and department store, The Sorrel-Weed mansion was cursed by the shadows of suicide, murder, adultery, and war.

How could one home hold the key to so many hauntings?

Perhaps it’s due to the mysterious brick barricade found under the house dating back to the Revolutionary War. Or the skeletons of countless soldiers buried alongside it.

'Could be the mentally ill Matilda, possessed by her own demons, forced into an arranged marriage, who tragically jumped to her death off the back balcony.

It was her husband, Francis Sorrel, who shunned their vow of marriage in favor of their servant Molly, who was found later found murdered in the carriage house.

And Sorrel's son, the surgeon having his own experimental and garish fun in the basement.

The locals know - these old mansion - they hold more secrets inside their walls and beneath their foundations than any one of us could guess.

How many are just as much a tomb, as a house?


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