What It’s Like To Be a Local Living in Savannah's Haunted Historic District

 "Forgotten faces hoped, To be remembered, The bones still rest ‘neath the house, anyway, With weed, and dirt, and thistle." Brenna Lauren Michaels | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Ghost Encounter Tour | genteelandbard.com

Pocket of sage, and cross,

Ladies and Gents, remember,

But we don’t call those shadows by name.

Might make ‘em stick around a while.


Bumps in the dark

Soon just a part,

Of the general night music.


Forgotten faces hoped

To be remembered

The bones still rest ‘neath the house, anyway

With weed, and dirt, and thistle


Walk to back rooms on your toes

Slip between the sheets like a feather

Don’t go makin’ too much noise

Those shadows might notice.


And say "hello".

Or "get out".

Or tuck in beside you.

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