A Genteel Man

 "A genteel man has done more than opened a door." T.C. Michaels | Genteel & Bard Fine Savannah Walking Tours | genteelandbard.com

GEN`TEEL : polite, refined, respectable, or well mannered. 

It's an interesting time to be alive, isn't it?

'Course, every generation back has probably said the same thing. Thing is, there are some truths that never do seem to get old.

Decency will always be appreciated. A strong handshake will get you far. Eyes up, chest out. A sincere "Yes, ma'am" and "thank you" are understood in every language.

Respect and dignity. 

A genteel state of mind. You don't have to be rich to have class.   

A genteel man has done more than opened a door. 

Maybe it's a southern thing, but we're fairly sure good manners can change a life. 

'Reckon that's common sense. 

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