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Welcome to Savannah...

Our son is just a little older than one year, and he isn't quite tall enough to see outside the windows of our 1850s home in Savannah's Historic Downtown. That doesn't stop him though, from running to the front window once he hears the clop clop of a horse and the rattle of a carriage outside. He looks at us, and then points upward at the window with a "Oooo" sound coming from his lips. He wiggles excitedly as my wife and I lift him up. We look outside, and all wave together.

Savannah is our home, and we're happy you're here.

Genteel & Bard is a family owned company that started out of our love for Savannah, it's beauty, it's history, and yes...even it's ghosts.

"You remember when the windows used to open by themselves?"

"Oh yes....Don't forget about the stroller moving too", my wife replies with a laugh.

Hidden among the Spanish Moss, beneath cobblestone walkways, and wizened architecture, rest the stories that created the American Dream. Savannah is home to stories of survival, hardship, war, community, forgiveness, acceptance, and friendship.

Savannah is more than a city.

It's a little piece of Heaven, meant to be shared - blessed by Southern Hospitality during the day, and haunted by Savannah's ghosts at night.

My Wife, a novelist, once wrote that, "Savannah is a picturesque southern city built within the most beautiful park."

It's our honor to share Savannah with you.

We love these stories waiting to be told, and we love experiencing them with our guests.

During our stroll together, you'll receive complimentary earbud headphones so you can hear every word I say. We are Savannah's only audio-enhanced walking tour company. Please note that this isn't a pre-recorded guided tour. We'll be walking together and in person.

As an orator, radio host, and classically trained actor, what I'm sharing with you are more than just facts. I'm sharing with you an intimate theatrical storytelling experience like none other in Savannah. Our tours are passionately crafted around the Hostess City's history while utilizing multi-media technology to create a one-of-a-kind interactive walking tour.

You'll come away with a common understanding, empathy, and respect for those who laid the groundwork of our modern lives. You will experience the stories of Savannah - and maybe even recognize yourself inside them. 

But our hope for our walking groups goes even further.

Our goal is that we begin our Daytime Historic Tour or Ghost Encounter Tour as strangers, but end it as friends.

We look forward to hosting you. 

All the best, from our family to yours, 

--T.C. & Brenna Michaels


Genteel & Bard

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